Friday, June 27, 2008

A Different Kind of Flood Victim

The Scholastic Scribe puts on her Altruistic Hat today, in response to the devastation being suffered by the other residents of the Cedar Rapids, Iowa floods: Pets who have been stranded & displaced by the rising water.

United Animal Nations is a mostly volunteer, non-profit organization (10 paid employees; 2,600 volunteers), which helps animals endangered by natural disasters. According to their Web site, "Founded in 1987, United Animal Nations (UAN) is North America's leading provider of emergency animal sheltering and disaster relief services and a key advocate for the critical needs of animals."

Volunteers with UAN's Emergency Animal Rescue Service (EARS) are on the ground in Iowa & Missouri, rescuing distraught animals & doing what they call "bringing animals out of crisis and into care." This doesn't necessarily mean adopting out the rescued pets; it means rescuing & providing temporary shelter to stranded pets until either their owners can be found, or another home can be located. Nearly 900 cats, dogs, birds & other family pets have passed through UAN's temporary shelter in Cedar Rapids, and hundreds remain there as their families wait to find out the condition of their homes.

How can we help? Yes, times are tight, but these critters could use a little tenderness during their time of need. UAN's volunteers are blogging with updates & photos of conditions in Cedar Rapids. UAN is collecting funds to help with the animal relief efforts in other hot spots around the country, too, such as fire-ravaged California.

La Familia Scribe is sending a check to UAN today. Hope y'all can help, too!


Deanna said...

What a worthy cause. We had the same problem when Hurricane Katrina hit. Our hearts have been really hurting for all the people in Iowa. We know what they are going through.

Veggie Mom said...

If you don't mind, I'm gonna steal part of this post for my blog today. Thanks so much for caring!

Melissa B. said...

Veggie & anyone out there in the Blogosphere: Steal Away! I don't consider it plagiarism if you're blogging for a worthy cause!

Veggie Mom said...

I posted about UAN today on my blog. Hope the Blogosphere is feeling generous!

United Animal Nations said...

Thank you so much for mentioning UAN's work to help the animals in Cedar Rapids! So far we have deployed more than 70 volunteers to help care for the animal flood victims there. Lots of people who have lost their homes are coming in to visit their pets, and they are very grateful that UAN is there to help. Thanks for supporting our work!

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