Saturday, June 28, 2008

Blueberry Fields, Forever!

With apologies to John Lennon & the rest of The Beatles. Tried the Aunt Julie's Blueberry Pie recipe posted by Veggie Mom. May we share? We've never (as in ever) tasted something so doggone delicious!

Summer, but of course, is the time when The Scribe Family is all under one roof, & can kick back, relax & Try New Things. Here's the deal: The pie came out of the oven around 2 p.m. yesterday. By this morning (Crack o' Dawn, we might add), there was but one lonely, little ol' piece left. Ella Numera Dos made quick work of that critter. She had it for breakfast--natch! Nothin' like a Piece O' Pie to getcha juiced for the Saturday A.M. Swim Meet Janx!

Enjoy the Before & After snaps. We sure did!


Betty said...

The blueberry pie looks wonderful, and the recipe doesn't seem to be beyond my cooking skills. Thanks for sharing. I'm going to make one next week.

Melissa B. said...

Betty: This is a really yummy--and easy--recipe! You should check out Veggie Mom's site. The link is on my blog!

Deanna said...

Oh, yum! And we just got a fresh batch of Mississippi blueberries! Sounds delish.

Betty said...

Thanks for the link to Veggie Mom. I look forward to reading some of her posts. Maybe my gardening skills will improve.:)

Melissa B. said...

Deanna & Betty: Veggie Mom's got an interesting site going! Did y'all enter her contest? Her sister-in-law's Blueberry Pie recipe is faBUlo!


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