Saturday, June 14, 2008

Adieu, Adieu, to You, & You & You!

The goodbyes of the past week, both familial & scholastical (a word? It is now!) have reminded us in a way of that lovely song from "The Sound of Music." The children first perform "So Long, Farewell" to dinner guests at the Von Trapp Family Mansion. Later in the musical, they reprise the song as part of a clever ruse to escape capture by the Nazis and flee Austria.

Not that we've felt, in any way, as if we've been fleeing the Iron Grip of Facism this week, but in a way we have. We've said "So Long!" to our Seniors, whom we've held in the warm embrace of Scholastic Repression (known as High School) for 4 years. We've said "Farewell!" to colleagues, whom we'll miss dearly over the summer, & administrators--not so much. We've said "Auf Wiedersehen!" to the Crapfest known as our Classroom, as we've winnowed & sorted & thrown away Huge Heaps of Flotsam & Jetsam from the past school year & those that have preceded it.

And we've said "Goodbye!", in a way, to Ella Numera Dos, who Graduated Thursday nite & has embarked on that Great Journey Called Life.

The more we do this Mom Janx, the easier--and the more difficult--it becomes, in a way. When we woke up Friday morning, things didn't seem to be any different. But that subtle undercurrent of Change was in the air. There's no stopping the momentum now.

Ella left this a.m. on a flight to Wisconsin, to join Big Sis at the College They Will Both Attend Next Fall. They're going to do a bit of sorting and farewelling their own selves this weekend. Said College is hosting graduation for the Class of 2008 tomorrow. Then the gals are packing the Civic (to the gils, we suppose), and making the Grand 1,000-mile trek back home for the summer.

The more things change, the more they remain the same. A cliché, but Oh, So True. PS: We haven't cried--yet.

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