Thursday, May 8, 2008

'PRECIATE it mucho!

We're feeling mucho appreciated this week--well, it is Teacher Appreciation Week, after all. Not sure why we need a whole week, but we sure do appreciate all the appreciating (to be said in a Classic North Dallas Accent, but of course). Excuse the touch of Elementary Ed at the top of this post, but as we've said before, Your Humble Scribe is a sucker for a cute critter & a corny turn-of-phrase! We're not as Cool as Cool Cat, but we're trying!

Here's the week in a nutshell (sorry, unintended pun): Monday=Donuts in the main office; Tuesday=Hershey Bar in the mailbox, plus we learned we're teaching Straight Journalism (no, OHHS doesn't also offer Gay Journalism--in Edu-Speak, Straight Journalism means we've got 5 Journalism classes next year and don't have to suffer the slings and arrows of AP Lang at our Advanced Age); Wednesday=Lovely e-mail from parent; Thursday=PTSA breakfast/brunch in Principal Man's Conference Room plus Pizza from the AP in charge of English. Yes, we've gained 75 gazillion pounds this week. Don't know what Friday has in store for us, but it's Friday, for Pete's Sake, & that should be enough!

Have to say we semi-regret that we've criticized Principal Man in the past few weeks. He also stopped by Our Humble Classroom this week to notify us that the Journalism Program will soon be recognized on the front of the building, along with other academic accomplishments & athletic endeavors (Woo-Hoo! We'll be up there with all the District & State Champs!). He really is a pleasant guy. Too bad he's in the hot spot and thus the target of all our Education-based Enmity.

Below, please find the absolutely charming parental e-mail (perhaps an oxymoron?). We felt we needed to Publish This One for Posterity! Names have been edited, to Protect the Innocent.

Being Teacher Appreciation Week, just wanted to send a quick note saying how much both G. and I appreciate the good work you do as a teacher. G. truly loves her Journalism class - thanks for being so great! She is thrilled to be participating in the newspaper next year.
Hope you have a wonderful Teacher Appreciation Week, and keep up the excellent work!
(G.'s mom)

P.S. By the way, did G. mention that she got an internship this summer working at the "Times" newspaper? We may actually be seeing articles written by her in that publication this summer! (I'm so proud of her!) And I must thank you too for this, for guiding her and teaching her so well!

Of course, we're Tickled Pink! As always, Dear Readers, thank you for your support.

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