Friday, May 9, 2008

That's What SHE Said!

Friday afternoon, and for some reason the Newspaper Cherubs decided to crash the deadline today. Three senior girls, one senior boy, a soph boy and a frosh girl (sister of one of the seniors; she doesn't have a ride, so she's hanging out, playing computer games 'til it's time to go home). In typical teen fashion, the convo takes a rather circuitous route.

Did you see her hickies? Three great big fat ones!
And he crashed into her bumper--she's got a Mustang, ya know.
And he got her Chipotle, and didn't ask her to pay--even though he doesn't have boyfriendal obligations or anything!
Did you see when David asked Erika to prom? Beth and Nicole started crying!
She thinks she's mean, but she's really nice. She doesn't even know.
No, it's a crazy show!
A little bit awkward there for Ms. Becky over there. First time watching MTV!
Is this from your lunch? 'Cause I'm gonna eat it.
What about the headline for the Reverend story? Anyone have a religious cliche I can use?
Isn't his name Christopher?
We can't do that.
How big is that part supposed to be?
I don't have anything to edit (the senior boy isn't an editor), so I'm going home (he is also the one who bought the senior girl Chipotle this afternoon).
Is that really satirical humor?
That's why lots of teenagers don't get it.
Oh, I see what you're saying.
I'm so full. I'm going to burst. I think I ate that too fast.
I know Chelsea wrote that story but I don't know where it is.
Why is Kyle here? Oh, he doesn't have a car.
Beth, you always do like 5,000 things at once.
I'm just saying, I can't do that.
Well, thank ya!
OK, Kyle, I'm going to make you very embarrassed. The senior girls are all very impressed with you and we're all going to band together at the end of the year to buy you a gift.
I didn't wanna be videotaped.
Not really.
I'm just kidding with you. Chill out, dude!
I don't usually say that.
Sarah has a lot of friends.
You mean, they call themselves friends?
I always make sure I pay for myself, even if I'm dating. Or I try to make an effort.
Shut the heck up!
It's my new one. Do you like it?


Julie said...

Hmm. I'm missing out on some good conversations since my little lovelies couldn't imagine actually spending time after school in my room. Of course, that could be because I only have two computers in the one and only journalism room. Hrrumph.

Melissa B. said...

J--The convos are always best after school, esp. with a majority-senior group. And when they have at least one little ol' soph to pick on, the more, the merrier! BTW, how do you get a yearbook done with only 2 computers?


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