Friday, May 16, 2008

Space Out

No, they didn't do it because the Esteemed Adviser has the hotz for John Glenn. They didn't do it because she likes to get her Tom Wolfe on when she teaches The Right Stuff in AP Lang. They weren't even thinking about The Adviser's love for Pete Conrad, or the fact that she's so obsessed by this Mercury 7 wannabe that she contemplated attending his funeral, even though she wasn't invited.

They dubbed their Last Formal Issue of the Year Celebration a Space Party because that's what Beth wanted to do. She of the random little prances & dances, the funny columns on the ETC. page, the obsession with Hobos and the general all-around silliness.

As the Martha Stewart of All Things Random, Beth & friend Jake started off during Break with the decorations. Trekkie images started to grace the Journalism Suite. A Guy Getting his Astronaut On replaced Paul McCartney on the "Abbey Road" poster. Dr. Spock took Ringo's place on the poster promoting "A Hard Day's Night."

Beth wrote on every blank space on the chalkboard. "Space Party Today!"; "SPACE SPACE SPACE SPACE PARTY PARTY PARTY PARTY"; "It's space over here, too." Beth & Jake taped up odd little printouts of odd-looking Space People taken from the 'Net all around the room. Stars, rockets, moons & the obligatory Saturn anchored several unusual spaces on walls, furniture, even light switches.

In the previous post, Your Humble Scribe complained about a Lack of Creativity among some of the Cherubs at OHHS, and longed for the days when kidz blew off steam in a more original way. We got our wish during 5th period yesterday. Beth--who wrote about hobos choosing to "attend a four-year university to become well-rounded and more in debt" as her Swan Song in this week's paper, and retired her Hilarious Horoscopes a couple of issues ago, proved that Ingenuity Is Not Dead--at OHHS, anywho. Thanks for the newness, the novelty, the nerdy decorations. And thanks for the Twizzlers, Oreos, et al. A Space Party would not be complete without all that Junk Janx.


Tara R. said...

What!!? No Tang?!

Melissa B. said...

Tara: I commented on the absence of Tang, and Beth said, "We have enough sugar here already." Another Cherub wished for "Astronaut Ice Cream"--aka Dippin Dots--Have you ever had those on the Boardwalk or at the Mall?

Tara R. said...

We Dippin'Dots shoppes here on the Gulf Coast, like Baskin Robbins or Hershey Ice Cream stores. I think it's a little creepy, but that's just me. :D

Melissa B. said...

Tara: If you're ever in DC, visit the Air & Space Museum gift shop--they sell allegedly REAL astronaut ice cream. It comes in little (over-priced) packets of dehydrated yummyness. When you put it in your mouth, it expands and actually tastes a tad like ice cream. I don't know, though--think I'll stick to the gen-u-ine article!

Sean Hogan said...

For all intents and purposes, Jake & Beth are to be known as "Bake" or "Jeth" (your choice) from this point forward.

The space party was awesome! I put up the picture of the jetpack guy as my Facebook pic as a while:

Melissa B. said...

Hoagie: Don't you MISS high school? NOT!


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