Friday, May 23, 2008


We're winding down at OHHS, which means the Seniors are gearing up. They're trying to come up with prank ideas, so that when we're old & gray, we'll remember the Class of '08. But, as members of the Punk'd/Jackass Generation, they are long on ideas and very short on execution. Hence, the Senior Cherubs have conjured 15 half-baked Senior Prank Ideas so far this year, none of which has borne any fruit. Ashton Kutcher can't hook them up with the Benjamins & the production crew to pull anything off, we guess.

The best--and least destructive--prank (from this year, anyway) involved a handful of Senior Girls bringing gallon jugs of water to school & sloshing it all around down the hallway (Senior Hall, natch) that bisects the school. A few donned bikinis, & a spur-of-the-moment Slip 'n' Slide ensued. A photo of a Senior Chiquita priming the pump, as it were, appears above.
Today we're supposed to be on the lookout after school for something involving pancake syrup. Ick.

We've seen some destructive Senior Pranks over the years, some creepy practical jokes and some downright funny hijinx as well. Here's a Top 10, in no particular order. Your Humble Scribe does not endorse any of them--except maybe Numero Uno.

  • A Cherub filled the locks to the outside doors with liquid lead. Destructive and annoying.
  • A group of Senior Boyz let dozens of white mice loose in between classes. Some of the terrified rodents didn't survive the onslaught of thousands of teenagers bearing down on them. Some of their progeny still live in our book rooms, our cafeteria, the Chorus Room & the Journalism Suite.

  • Along those same lines, someone brought a cereal box full of mice to a gym pep rally and let them loose in the middle of the festivities. We felt sorry for the little critters, but not for the screaming cheerleaders.

  • Stink bombs, stink bombs & more stink bombs. Nasty as well as unimaginative.

  • Someone phoned in a bomb threat on the first day of AP testing. The doors to the school opened an hour late, and the cherubs who ride the bus had to stand out in the rain.

  • Speaking of the Big Yellow Cheese, seniors one year decided it would be a good idea one day to ride the bus to school instead of driving. Hundreds of unplanned-for passengers backed up the whole system, down to the elementary school level.

  • Last year, hundreds of Cherubs gathered at Senior Rail, the staircase that is midway down Senior Hall. They all opened their backpacks and, in unison, dumped binders and all their contents down the staircase. Flotsam & jetsam were a foot deep in some places.

  • Every year a lame-o or two decides to pull the fire alarm during senior final exams. So imaginative, guys!

  • Two years ago, the seniors with parking passes parked instead in the neighborhoods surrounding the school, where the underclass-persons usually park. They then walked to the senior lot, with beach chairs, umbrellas & picnic baskets, and partied in their assigned parking spaces. When the younger drivers arrived at school, the neighborhoods were full. They drove down to the Senior Lot, & those spaces were occupado tambiĆ©n, with seniors throwing Frisbees and snacking on chips & dip.

  • 10 years ago, a group of Senior Girls collected hundreds of bras from willing contributors. They strung them all together & hung them from one end of Senior Hall to the other, with a big sign attached at the midway point, which said: THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT!


Tara R. said...

I gotta love the Cheese wagon prank, as well as parking lot tail gate party. During my daughter's senior year, one kid planted flowers on the 50-yard line of the football field. Got lots of support from the student body, got suspended and lost his scholarship from the admins who could do something about it. It was a shame, he was in the top 3% of his class.

Melissa B. said...

tara: I'm all up for planting flowers on the football field! I wish the administrators could have a little bit of a sense of humor about pranks like that and instead concentrate on busting the kiddos who engage in diabolical "pranks," such as smearing pancake syrup on the stair rails and dumping cooking oil in Senior Hall. I, too, loved the tailgating in the senior parking lot!

Clix said...

*laugh* Remind me to search your papers diligently for ANY mention of senior pranks before I show them to my own dear Journalism Jailbirds. ;)

I've looked over them, by the way, though I haven't yet had a chance to read through them in depth. The writing is excellent, but I'm a bit jealous - we don't have as much that we can write about.

Melissa B. said...

clix: There's ALWAYS something to write about! Just as you find things to say in the blogosphere, so your Cherubs can find something to say in the newspaper! Thanks for reading & let me know if you have any questions.

Kim said...

Haha, I was there for the mice in the pep rally (and yes, the cheerleaders' faces were absolutely priceless) and for the bomb threat during AP testing. I'll never forget what was written on the note: "2200 lives are at steak." Obviously they weren't ready for their AP Lang test. I hope you're doing well, and don't worry - I'm coming to visit sometime! (I've been a few times but you're always gone by the time I get there!)

Melissa B. said...

Kim: The Class of 08 finally got it right yesterday. A group of guys who are in a band left class early and set up in the Science Breezeway, by the Japanese Garden. They were rockin' by 2 p.m. Positively made the building shake! I was happily rockin' along with them while handing out yearbooks. The tunage made the arduous task a little less stinky!

Anonymous said...

Today one of our seniors pulled the fire alarm. A third of the school was at lunch and the rest in class. Everyone got out of the building and halfway to the stadium, our security gaurds told us to go back. He said it was a stupid senior prank.

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