Friday, May 30, 2008

New York, New York

Headed to N Y C with Ella Numera Dos for a little ol' pre-graduation trip today. The highlight--for her--is that we're going to see "Sex & The City" tonite at a Real NYC Movie Theater! Woo-hoo! Ella's got her outfit all tricked out, including the Betsey Johnson shoes she wrangled out of Hubby for some achievement or other not too long ago.

Tomorrow we're dropping in on a matinee of "A Chorus Line"--the highlight for us. We're pretty sure Ella wants to see this particular show because of a certain Mario Lopez who is headlining, though she won't say. Fortunately, he plays Zak, the behind-the-scenes casting director. Maybe we won't have to see A.C. Slater dance too much!

One interesting note, which just goes to show how old Your Humble Scribe actually is. We saw "ACL" when it debuted in NYC in 1975, when we were more or less Ella's age. Up there on a summer internship with Cosmo. Yup, The Helen Gurley Brown was the boss! And, to either make us feel really, really old, or perhaps really really young, Kelly Bishop--she of recent "Gilmore Girls" fame--debuted the role of Sheila, for which she won a Tony. And. We. Had. No. Idea! We've been listening to the original score for eons, and little did we know that the caustic Sheila was none other than Rory Gilmore's Grandma! She's pictured above, in her Tony Award-winning role at the Schubert Theatre. It's a small world, ain't it?


teachergirl said...

So how long did Rory's grandma last in the role? I didn't see it until 1977 when it came to the Kennedy Center and my crazy English teacher thought it would make a great field trip - parents and all. Have a wonderful weekend.

Melissa B. said...

Kelly Bishop was in ACL on B-way from 75 at least thru 76, when she won the Tony. I can't believe you went to set it at the KenCen as a high school field trip--with your parents! We're going to the matinee this afternoon--will let you know how AC Slater is in the role of Zak. BTW, Sex & the City is really good, esp. with an NYC audience to get all the "inside" jokes!


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