Saturday, May 31, 2008

New York, New York, Part Deux

NEW YORK, NY--May 31, 2008--The Scholastic Scribe & Ella Numera Dos took The Big Apple By Storm yesterday, embarking on a 3-day weekend to celebrate The Scribe's Birthday & Ella's graduation from high school.

The event started off on a bumpy note, as the train the Dynamic Duo planned to take was unfortunately delayed. The Scribe, however, jumped into action, rushing to the ticket counter to change tickets and grab 2 seats on a another soon-to-be-departing, NYC-bound Acela.

"Actually, I only had to pay 50 bucks extra for the upgrade," The Humble Scribe bragged. Ella & her Mommy glided past sweaty, impatient & annoyed passengers on their originally scheduled cattle car & boarded a less-than-luxurious but wonderfully air-conditioned business-class train.

"We had tickets for the 4:40 p.m. show of 'Sex & the City' at the Lincoln Square Theatre," The Scribe explained. "I think the extra bucks were worth avoiding the wrath of Ella, had we missed that show!"

After grabbing a cab at NY's Penn Station and weaving through Typical Traffic Janx in Mid-Town Manhattan, your intrepid travelers arrived at their hotel, dumped their bags, & caught another Hansom to the theater, near Lincoln Center on NY's West Side.

The sold-out performance delivered, as predicted. Your Scribe especially adored Kim Cattrall in the role of the indomitable Samantha, who forsakes Love & the Left Coast to return to her Old Ways & her Old Pals in NYC. Jennifer Hudson, debuting the role of Louise from St. Louis, also did not disappoint.

"There was a little bit too much 'Sex' for a Mom & Kid to watch together," The Scribe said of the steamy flick. "But, all-in-all, it was all worth it to see this film in the Belly of its Conception."

Benefits of seeing "Sex" in New York included standing in the Longest Line of the Century before admission to the theater, a scramble for seats in the large, but sold out, venue, a fight between two groups of patrons over said seats (The Scribe & Ella studiously avoided all confrontations, & just watched), and the ebullient NY audience giggling at all the "inside jokes," cat-calling when Big did Carrie wrong, & generally turning the film into an interactive, only-in-New York kind of performance.

After the movie, Mom & Kid went to the famed Monkey Bar on East 54th Street, home of many celluloid rendezvouses between Carrie & Big, dined on exotic Asian Fusion & shared a Cosmo. The Wait-Person guessed they were on a Mom/Daughter "Sex & the City" Excursion.

Today the two plan to take in a matinee of "A Chorus Line," then Ella plans to take her Mom out for a Birthday Surprise Dinner.

"She says she's got the tab covered, & won't let me know where we're going," Your Seasoned Scribe said of the dinner plans. "I'm really excited, but know how NYC can be. I'll bring along my MasterCard to help out, just in case." :)


Clix said...

Sounds awesome! I get to see my mommy in -- oo, less than a week! yey!

Melissa B. said...

Clix: Moms are the best, ain't they?

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