Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Is Big Brother Watching?

OHHS just jacked out $12,000 & change for 7 (count 'em!) plasma TVs, to be stationed around the school. Actually, Principal Man, et al, had not a crumb to do with this--the student government had extra bucks left over from an extremely successful (we'd say!) season of dances, dances & more dances. Guess the overhead on Homecoming & Winter Formal (both held in the gym) isn't much & ticket sales apparently were brisk. Usually, out of a 2,300+ student body, we only get about 600 or so kiddos at Homecoming--they must have broken the bank this year!

Back to Big Brother--or the perception of him, anywho. The 42-inch plasmas are hooked up in the cafeteria (4), the main office (1), the Sports Lobby (the space between the main gym & the auditorium=1), and at a central location, midway down the long hallway that bisects the building, by a staircase known as Senior Rail. Daily announcements, heretofore broadcast by PA (and via classroom telly on Fridays), are now scrolling throughout the day on the plasmas, briefly interrupted by spastic broadcasts of ESPN's SportsCenter and CNN, on occasion, during lunch.

The meaning of all this janx? We supposed it's all in the name of technology. As reported earlier in the year by Your Humble Scribe, each classroom in OHHS is now equipped with a $1,000 LCD projector, with expensive expectations to go along with the hardware. Each teacher has a personal laptop and training in a variety of applications, such as PowerPoint & Windows Media Player. We recently showed "The Truman Show" to our yearbookies ('tis the season of "down time" before the yearbook distribution deluge) on the humongous screen affixed to the front of the classroom. Jim Carey looks pretty darn scary so up close and personal! "Election," & Reese Witherspoon's ice queen self, will be showcased later this week.

Shortly after the plasma was anchored in the Sports Lobby, some Cherub (we assume) doodled a cute little sign and affixed it to said high tech toy. "Big Brother Is Watching," the colorful mini-poster warned from on high, complete with a rendering of, we think, Adolph Hitler. Did Orwell intend Hitler as a model for his nemesis, Big Brother? We're not sure, but we know that the anesthesizing of Our Cherubs is well underway.

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