Sunday, May 25, 2008

And the winner is...Part Deux

Your Humble Scribe took the Praxis 2 in April. After all those years of teaching AP Lang, in addition to newspaper, yearbook & Journalism 1 (intro), we've only been endorsed in Journalism. With Principal Man being new & all, we were nervous about lacking that English endorsement. Hence, the Praxis 2; hence, the Passing Score of 189/200.

Don't know what questions we missed; spent $30 yesterday on our handy-dandy MasterCard, 'cause we were too impatient to wait for the scores to arrive by mail. So, we're out $160 for this exercise, since we also bought the ETS prep book--of almost no help, since it didn't contain the definition of that oh, so common English Lit term, Caesura. If you read our April 24th post about the durn test, you'd recall that we thought Caesura had something to do with having babies (we had two of those oh, so pleasant operations!), when in fact it's an obscure poetry term for a pause--or break--in the action. We'll keep that in mind the next time we're stuffing young & impressionable minds with Meaningless Lit Janx, meant only to help Our Cherubs score a "3" or above on the AP Exam. For the record, 72 percent of Our Cherubs passed the durn AP Lang test last year. We're golden--at OHHS, at any rate!

Anywho, we celebrated last nite with an ample serving of Ben & Jerry's New York Fudge Chunk. While proctoring the state-mandated assessments for the Cherubs last week, we had a discussion with a World History teacher who has to take a History Praxis soon, even after teaching the subject for 28 years. Something about jumping up to World 2 from World 1. She's a tad nervous, 'cause the World 2 Praxis apparently has mucho many preguntas about Anthropology & other janx of which this veteran has Negative Knowledge. We'll have to tell her of our 189, Caesura & the fact that Life Does Go On. Millions of people on this Blessed Earth have lived long, productive & Praxis-free lives. Too bad we can't, too!


Clix said...

Congradchewlashuns! And it made me sigh in relief to know that I'm not the only one who has to look stuff up. 10th grade standards include "synecdoche," which I can barely spell, let alone explain. And every time I read Taylor Mali's "Falling in love is like owning a dog," which may very well be my favorite poem, I have to look up what an epithalamion is.

Amy said...


And by a serving of B&J's do you really mean eating the whole carton straight from the carton? Cause I'm really not sure how else one consumes B&J's.

Just sayin'

Melissa B. said...

Clix & Ames: Thank u Very Much! :) I've known synecdoche (just remember: "Synedoche, a Part of Me!") for some time, since Amy's beloved Mrs. Harris taught me that little rhyme, but please fill me in on epithalamion. And the B&J's was consumed over the course of 2 nites. Can't do that one pint in a nite janx any more!

Clix said...

Heh. See, I have my PRE-grading B& J, and then my POST-grading B&J. It's just that the former isn't necessarily ice cream...


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