Sunday, May 18, 2008

And the Oscar Goes to...

Lookin' like that time of year again! For the third year in a row, we're hosting The Oscars (of the Grouch variety) in our Journalism 1 classes. Here's how it works: The Cherubs have already done learned everything Your Humble Scribe can teach them--for this year, anyway. They're wrapping up layout this week and next, and still have 'til mid-June before they're sprung. They have three straight weeks of standardized testing (AP exams, then our State-Mandated Hoo-Ha), pretty much wrecking the rhythm of their heretofore Regimented School Daze. So why not add a little spice to their lives?

Each class is divided into 5 video project groups. Their assignment? Put together a mock-newscast. The sky is the proverbial limit, but they do have a few parameters. The video should be around 15 minutes, give or take a minute or 2; the video needs to include the staples of a legitimate local newscast, including news, weather and sports; the video should be relatively humorous, so that we won't get bored out of our gourds; everyone in the video group must participate, in either the acting, filming or production; all students must be present, if possible, for the screening and evaluation of said videos; the stories/interviews don't have to be real, but they can be, and content can't border too much on the prurient or downright disgusting. J1 students rate their peers' production efforts, and Your Humble Scribe awards Oscars to those deemed worthy.

Here's last year's winner. You'll notice, at 18 minutes and change, that it's a tad long, and it does cater, but only slightly, to the prurient interest of the students at OHHS. A few explanations, before you view this masterpiece.

Yes, there is a Mini-Riot every year at OHHS during yearbook distribution--in fact, Your Humble Scribe was assaulted six years ago (Only a little pushing & shoving. BTW, we shoved back at the foul-mouthed brat) by a senior hopped up on 'roids who couldn't get his yearbook because of outstanding fines; the Boyz Bathroom story, while it is downright disgusting, is pretty much true--most of our urinals and many of our toilets don't flush in a 42-year-old building that is in dire need of renovation; the Silver Nitrate story is a recreation of what actually happened to this kid during his sophomore year--he drank the nitrate in Chemistry class on a $10 dare, and was rushed to the ER to have his stomach pumped shortly thereafter. In the video, he's consuming mass quantities of wasabi, deemed just as rank, but more congenial to his health.

The Quasi-Vandalism on the '07 cars is a real, live shot--these seniors were in the parking lot contemplating skipping when security tried to round them up, and Mrs. T, so eloquently interviewed by HJ, aka "Ali G" (we swear, this kid is soooooo quiet in class; Ali must be his alter ego), is the toughest (and apparently funniest, too) AP/US History teacher at OHHS, who has something like a 97 percent pass rate on the AP exam. We can't express our amusement and amazement at her consenting to Ali G's alleged "interview."

So sit back, relax, and enjoy The Oscars. We'll be posting this year's contestants in the next couple of weeks in the run-up to the 2008 awards. And when Google and Blogger get their acts together, we'll post the real video here for your enjoyment, instead of just the link!


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