Saturday, April 12, 2008

Why is This Man Smiling?

Have y'all seen pixes of the Prince of Darkness over the years? Often, he doesn't smile. But when he does, oooooh, So Precious! Our students started a Silly Game 3 years ago, involving Odd POD pixes and song lyrics. It all started when one of our Yearbookies was Googling for a Dick Pic, and came upon this Cute Number of Number 2 on a Segway.

After many giggles and snorts, the Creative Cherubs printed out the pic, posted it on the bulletin board, and started writing song lyrics. They never quite came up with appropriate music to go with these Words of Wisdom, but the result is now laminated and posted in our Hall of Shame (they also made the Journalism Adviser a T-shirt with pic/lyrics, to be Memorialized For the Ages):

"Cheney on a Segway, Going down the Highway
He's got his bags all packed, Gonna have a heart attack.
He's going on vacation to an Undisclosed Location.
Got his defibulator in the trunk; thinks John Edwards is a punk.

Takes kickbacks from Halliburton--Lots o' bucks, that's for certain!
Couldn't visit Yassir; thought he needed a by-passer
(it turned out to be gass'r).
Don't care about his daughter, Just doin' what he oughta.
Cuz he's crazy Dick Cheney Man, Slapping dogs with his hand
Don't care who he run over, long as it's not Mary's Rover.
And when the VP curses, It really is the worses."

We adore the Poetic Nature that peacefully coexists in our Journalism Suite, alongside all the Cynics who naturally are attracted to this kinda biz. A couple years later, you may recall that POD, our Charming Veep, shot an old man in the face. The Cherubs printed out yet another image, and started scribbling again. You may sing along, if you'd like, to the tunage of Aerosmith's "Janie's Got a Gun.":

"Shot through the heart, and Cheney's to blame,
Cheney, you give hunting a bad name.
You were dreaming of dinner from the quail you caught,
and mistakenly peppered your buddy with shot.

Bush went to Pakistan and we feared for his life;
If you wanted to be President, why go through all this strife?
Just turn to your leader, and say with a wink,
'Why, Bushie, let's go hunting; It's way safer than you think!'

Cheney's got a gun, Cheney's got a gun,
Mr. Bush is on the run, Cheney's got a gun"
(with apologies to Steven Tyler).

So, you see what they Do All Day in the Journalism Suite. A new shot (excuse the pun) floated to the surface of the blogosphere the other day. Seems the POD went fly-fishin' on the Snake River. Tremendously apropos, oui? Someone snapped a Photograph For the Ages of the Leering Veep with a Strange Reflection in his Ray Bans. Nekkid woman or image of an Old Man Casting? You decide. We know our Cherubs will, and we'll post the lyrics when they do!

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