Thursday, April 10, 2008

What's My Age Again?

The Young really have an advantage over the Old Farts of the World. While the OFW worry about what might have been, or what could be down The Road Less Traveled, TY worry about what is. No Future nor Past for these Cherubs! An example from another Froshie's Tryout:

"I have been interested in journalism since about 5th grade and I have always loved to write. Unfortunately, I am not the best writer under pressure." Au contraire, chica! On the first day of school, our Intro to Journalism Cherubs were required to write (right then, under pressure) an "About Me" story. The assignment called for the novice journalistas to answer 5 questions, then "using an interesting introduction"--aka lede--"write a story about 3rd person, as if you have just interviewed your subject."

Here is the Under Pressure's About Me Story. Please note that we edited to maintain anonymity:

"[insert Cherub's name here] is extremely average and slightly boring. She is 14 and will be 15 soon. Currently, she is a freshman at [insert name of OHHS here]. So far, it hasn't been all too wonderful. She's gotten lost a lot and always feels really new. It's not as exciting as she had hoped it would be. High School starts so early in the morning and the bus is crowded, quiet, and smells a bit odd. Her locker is hard to open and isn't near any of her classes. Plus, just being a freshman kind of sucks. But she's dealing and is very excited for homecoming.

Also, unlike most of her friends, [insert Cherub's name here] has absolutely no athletic ability. She attends all Varsity football games, but isn't active in any sports teams. She's been considering crew, but isn't sure she's tough enough. Plus, she doesn't have a huge interest in it anyway. She's more interested in pop culture, music, and writing. Her favorite band is Blink-182, a pop-punk trio that broke up about 2 years ago. She's very, very upset. "They just need to get over themselves and realize how much they love each other," she's said on many occasions. She also has a large interest in writing. She's currently attempting to write 2 books with 2 of her friends. She's always wanted to write something as amazing as the Harry Potter series. "JK Rowling is a literary genius." She and her friend discuss quite often. Basically, she's just a normal teenage girl who hates school, likes boys, and spends way too much time online."

What's Your Age Again? Thanks, UP.

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