Sunday, April 13, 2008

Up Against the Wall

Big Brother arrived at Our Humble High School last year. He appears in two forms. Now the PA system swings both ways--no, it's not bisexual. The Main Office can broadcast to the building, but also can "monitor" what's going on in individual classrooms. This capability was installed in the name of Safety, of course. To give The Powers That Be credit, those of us in the Trenches (classrooms) can now talk to the Main Office over the PA, which would be a good thing, we think, in the case of an Emergency. Rumors have continued to fly, however, over whether TPTB periodically monitor what's going on in selected classrooms. Stay tuned--we'll try to get to the Bottom of This.

BB also makes His Presence known every day in our Library--now called a Media Center, natch, since the computers it contains are oh, so very much more important to the cherubs than the books it formerly was famous for. Entire shelves en La Biblioteca are empty--so much more info online, y'all! And last year TPTB decided to wall off a big hunk of our Media Center to build a Marketing classroom. Space is tight, you see, and why devote all that excess space to Books? Can't blame that one on Principal Man. Happened in the Previous Administration. In one of his short stories, Edgar Allen Poe called a library the "palace of imagination." Nuff said.

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