Monday, April 28, 2008

Teachers Gone Wild!

We celebrate the One-Month Anniversary of The Scholastic Scribe by letting the Legitimate Press do a little reporting for us. When we first entered the Blogosphere, we were warned by several confidantes that blogging could be Hazardous to our Health. Stories of employers (CNN being the most notable example, dismissing an intern for blogging favorably about her internship, and, most recently firing a long-time producer for his sense of humor, but mostly for aiming several of those satiric darts at the network) giving the boot to Employees Engaged in Internet Subterfuge rained down upon our heads. Don't write about Work Conditions. Don't vent about Silly Rules. For God's Sake, don't excoriate Principal Man, or you'll get the old heave-ho, too!

Well, we're happy to report that we checked our employer's blog policies (such as they are--they're pretty thin), and so far we're In The Clear. Yes, we'll drop an occasional Sarcastic Nod in Principal Man's direction. Yes, we'll articulate concerns about This or That. But anything we could ever say pales in comparison to the 20-something teachers out there with Très Risque Facebook/MySpace pages.

You want Undressed? You want Tequila Breath? You want "come hither" looks that involve both Various Stages of Nekkidness and Tequila Breath? The Washington Post, that Paragon of All Things Investigative, chronicles tales that would make your proverbial hair stand on end. Getting a Gander at the Seamy Side of your middle school Language Arts teacher is only a mouse-click away. Remember the art teacher down in Richmond who was fired for Xeroxing his nekkid butt and passing it off as art? Compared to the Floozies most recently in The News, he probably is an artist! And a tasteful one, at that. Some of these pages apparently make Lil' John & the East Side Boys (get low) look like Eagle Scouts. OK, bad analogy masquerading as a simile. Some Eagles fly pretty low, too!

We won't bore you with the outrageous details. Suffice it to say, The Scholastic Scribe is too much of a Lady to engage in such prurient conduct. Who'da Thunk that Grown Ups (yes, sadly, these raunchy 20-somethings are considered grownups) wouldn't have a clue that once they became "professionals," Pornographic Facebook Romps would No Longer Be Appropriate? As Daddy Yankee would say, Rompe!

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