Monday, April 7, 2008

Stones in the Road

Student "A" (Alpha Female, and will always remain so) really Likes Hillary. She's got an uphill climb at Our Humble High School and, apparently, in the electorate at-large. Student "B" (Beta Male--if you read Brave New World, slightly like Bernard Marx, but cuter) is Barack, Baby, All the Way (Don't you just love the fact that we're on a first-name basis with our Democratic candidates? We wonder why no one ever refers to McCain as "John."). They discuss. Which, at OHHS, means YELL a lot.

They tried to have an "adult" convo sometime around Ohio and Texas. Not that either of them has ever been to either of these Destinations--they've just heard a lot about them on The News. Student "A" said she was sure Hillary was going to take both states. Student "B" dismissed this notion, in a sort of macho, posturing way. He "CAN'T STAND" Hillary, he says, in CAPITAL LETTERS. She's Too Old (and McCain's not?). She's Too Establishment (and McCain's not?). Her Hubby is Kinda Creepy (we sorta look at Cindy McCain that way, too). Student "A," of course, thinks "B's" putting on a Macho Act. She rants about the "Boys' Club" that got going shortly after the Gang of 17 (or was it 18? Do we count Ron Paul as a Dem, Repub, or just as Doctor No?) Dropped Out of the Race. She rants at him. He thunders at her, with his Recently Acquired Deep Man Voice, plus an occasional squeak. We look on in awe, proud of both "A" and "B" for doing a little thinking, even if it is in the form of Loud Enunciation.

We remember back to our Halcyon High School Days. Vietnam raged. We were disgruntled. We wanted a Smoking Area and a Senior Lounge. Don't know how, but we won both, even though Our Humble High School (circa early 70s) was located in the Buckle of the Bible Belt. We Walked Out and Wore Black Armbands after the Cambodia Invasion. And as far as we remember, no one got in a lick of trouble for all of this Exhibition of Conscience.

Kids Today are sometimes too complacent. They like to accept the Status Quo. And if they don't really accept The Way Things Are, they pretend to. Go along to get along, it's called. Demonstrate? Huh? What about My GPA? What about my Varsity Eligibility? What About College? In some quarters, students would rather cheat to get ahead. One Homecoming Season Many Moons Ago, a student government officer at OHHS (the one in which we're currently employed) was caught with her Hand in the Cookie Jar. Actually, she was nabbed stuffing the Homecoming Queen ballot box with her name. All in one big bunch. All with the same handwriting. We joked in the Teacher Workroom (in the 70s known as the Teachers' Lounge, where the adults went to smoke and hide from the kids--today we don't smoke, but we do do a lot of hiding, and gossiping) about this gal as the Write-In Candidate. Come to think of it, we had Write-In's little brother for English a couple of years ago. We caught him with his proverbial Hand in the Cookie Jar, too. Cheating on a project, so he could get an "A" in English. The Cheating Family, we started calling them--behind their backs, of course.

Back to Politics. Things were just as loud in the Journalism Suite in 2003, and it wasn't even a Presidential Election Year (no, Dubya had already stolen that one three years before). Iraq--and all its convoluted connotations--loomed on the horizon. Our Journalism Staffs were about equally split, although OHHS at-large foamed at the mouth (like much of the country) for the US to invade and clean up that Hornet's Nest known as the Middle East. Those of us who resisted the Call to Arms weren't blacklisted, but we were berated. Lots of yelling--on Both Sides--in the Journalism Suite. One Love It Or Leave It fan quaintly suggested that The Esteemed Adviser--who was leaning less toward invasion and more toward diplomacy--needed to "Move to Iraq" for harboring such Anti-Dubya Tendencies. Ah, well. We feel a flash of Mighty Vindication these days--Iraq is the proverbial quagmire, Osama is still hanging out near Tora Bora and the Good Ol' US of A has still not avenged the losses of 9-11--and BTW, not a single Iraqi flew one of those planes that day. Most of those 19 hijackers hailed from the Land of Mecca--and of Our Country's Best Friends--Saudi Arabia.

But We Digress. Three days ago we commemorated the 40th anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. We were in 8th grade back then. The death of Bobby Kennedy followed two months later. No one in the Journalism Suite discussed this American Milestone last week; the Issues We Face Today are more than just stones beneath our bicycle tires. It looks like Barack could overtake Hillary in Pennsylvania. "B" will Shout for Joy. "A" will Hunker Down and wait for the Super Delegates to deliver. For more Serious News, check out . Thank you for your support

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burningsteady said...

MCC and a mention of my esteemed graduating class? What a day!

That kind of "discussion" is something I miss about high school. College puts too many of the same minds together and, apparently, it's not okay to discuss politics in the working world. So that makes for...two...things I miss about high school. (Journalism being another one.) (Oh, wait, getting out at two in the afternoon makes for number three.)


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