Thursday, April 24, 2008

All Star(s)

The Journalism Cherubs Are Officially Excited. Heck, Yeah, we're revved up and ready to go, too! Who cares if MTV has received 726-gazillion entries for Season Deux of "The Paper"? We sent our entry off today to, in the form of a newspaper front page. We proudly share it with you here (see yesterday's post for much of the text contained therein). We had more ADHD-stricken journalistas paying attention today than ever before. Hey, it's MTV, for-gosh-sake! Just tell us when to Crank That video, and we're there. Fo' Shizzle! PS: The watermark at the bottom right-hand of the MTV entry is because we used a "loaner" version of a document converter program to make a jpeg for this post. We will not share the name with you, because they're such chiselers! Well, wish us luck, y'all!


mybellringers said...

Ah you are much braver than me…MTV in the classroom?! No way I could do it…BTW, it's nice to know that my kids are the only ones searching for prom dresses and playing games.

Melissa B. said...

'tis the season of prom dress searches and AOL games. The kids have found a pretty nifty word search, though, so we could maintain that it's educational!

Anonymous said...

great article for MTV, I hope you get a response!

Melissa B. said...

Anon--we made MTV's second cut! Check out our post later Friday afternoon (5/2). Thanks for reading!


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