Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Reality Doesn't Suck This Time

Check It Out. "The Paper." MTV. Monday. 10:30 Eastern/9:30 Central. A reality show based on a real high school student newspaper staff. Episode I: The race for editor-in-chief. These Cherubs on the staff of The Circuit at Cypress Bay High School (Broward County, FL) are Oh-So-Dramatic! We stayed up late last nite to watch the first episode, which centered around the 4 kiddos applying for EIC. They call the title "In-Chief." One Super-Achiever (Amanda), one Goofy Guy (Alex), one Drama Queen (Adam) and one Look-at-Me, I'm Gorgeous! But Also Attitudinous! And I Make Out With the Boys During Class Girl (Gianna). All vying for the EIC spot. Of course, it's an MTV "reality" show, so much hype. A few of the similarities and differences:

Similar: Yeah, we have our share of Drama on the staff, especially around Tryout Time.
Different: No, not this Dramatic! No boyz have ever sobbed uncontrollaby (Adam) when notified they hadn't made the cut.
Similar: Everyone talks at once. All the time.
Different: We don't talk that much smack about each other.
Similar: We all have Very Strong Opinions.
Different: Our Esteemed Adviser would never tolerate the back-biting that goes on in this staff room!
Similar: Yes, we're going to always have the Over-Achievers vs. the Slackers. Some will focus on their Tryouts, while others goof off and play WikiSpeedia (a game we think Our Cherubs made up a few years back, which involves trying to be the fastest to define something using Wikipedia as a source).
Different: While we can buy the fact that Amanda the Over-Achiever skips Friday Night Good Times to work on her Tryout, we don't believe the rest of the Slacker Staff would be over at someone's house, "bonding" over Beer Pong.
Similar: All the Cherubs talk at once, often drowning out The Esteemed Adviser..
Different: In Our World, what Our Esteemed Adviser says is The Law. Not so much on the staff of The Circuit. In fact, Mrs. Weiss (the kids call her "Weisser") seems like Wallpaper to us.
Similar: Everyone Anticipates The Day the New Staff is Posted.
Different: We post the staff at the end of the day on a Friday. We learned that trick from the Drama Teacher. Then the kids will have the weekend to get over their perceived "hurt." At The Circuit, "Weisser" posts the staff at 7:30 in the morning of a school day. Way to encourage the wounds to fester in that Hot-House Known as High School.
Similar: We, too, think Our Paper looks Way Cool when it's published.
Different: Ours is So Very Much More Attractive. Did no one ever teach The Circuit staff how to do layout? Tombstoning? Geez. Itty-Bitty Pinturas? Give us a break!
Looks interesting, or at least Fresh, so we'll keep watching. But we'll probably tune in to the MTV re-runs on Tuesdays. We're already dragging today, having stayed up so late to watch the premier last nite. BTW: Top pic is Our Beloved Staff, crammed on the Oh-So-Tasteful Couch, on Wacky-Tacky Day during Homecoming Week. The Circuit staff, presumably on deadline, is below. In more ways than one. http://www.cypressbaycircuit.com/

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