Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Pick Me, Part Deux

Remember, this is Tryout Season at Our Humble High School. Here is an entry from a Fervent Froshie: "I should be a staff writer because I never turn anything in late and I am a good listener. I do not need to be told twice what to do and I don't fuss over the tiniest things. My only goal is to achieve perfection, which is impossible, but it does not give me any reason not to try. To me organization is everything; if I were not well-ordered then I would be reeking chaos. Not only am I obedient and clean, I'm also reliable and trustworthy."

We Don't Make This Stuff Up. For the Record, our Journalism Suite and its occupants are often Reeking Chaos; sometimes, though, they are Obedient and Clean.


Kristin said...

Seriously? To all of the last couple of entries, all I can say is: SERIOUSLY?! Haha. I enjoyed reading the Editor's essay. I have an idea on who that is. Solely based on the choice of diction.

What position will you give the freshman hopeful? Oh sigh. If you say EIC, I'll cry.

Hope you are doing well.

Melissa B. said...

Other tryout essays have been equally as fun, but for different reasons. What about this one:
"I will end with 3 requests:
i. Please make me Editor next year.
ii. Please let me keep my dumb column.
iii. Please, for the sake of the journalism program and my personal safety, put me in charge of a different staff than [insert name of chief nemesis here].
Thank you for your time and have a pleasant day."

Sean Hogan said...

I wish my staff writers were obedient and clean...

And I'm guessing that the tryout essay you're referencing belongs to half of "Jethbake"

Melissa B. said...

Hoagie: Actually, it is a J1 who is "obedient" & "clean"! I remember you being O&C during your 4 years at Our Humble High School. Bake & Jeth are neither obedient nor clean!


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