Friday, April 4, 2008

It's a Dog's Life

OK, we'll admit it. We're suckers for animals. Have you seen The Dog, The Cat and the Rat on YouTube? Worth checking out. When our seester sent us the link last nite, we accepted it at face value, but have started ruminating on its validity since. We understand the dog and the cat cuddling up, but the white lab rat? The foto at left was taken in Santa Fe. Maybe it is real! Let us know what you think. You know, with computers these days, anything is possible! And we'd love it if you posted comments on this blog--it's what we live for!

Our students have a hard time rejecting what they see with their own eyes, even if it's on a computer. "But I saw it! I really did!" And even though they know much more about technology than we do, they take a heck of a lot at face value. The kiddos who have already grasped the power of critical thinking are the ones to watch for signs of greatness. The others? Well, we guess they'll turn out a lot like the parentals.

We had a convo this a.m. with a senior about the Peter Principle. Isn't that the one that mandates that mediocrity rise? We don't know--we haven't seen too many folks in high places (as opposed to those in Garth Brooks's "Low Places") who think independently. Take Principal Man, for example. He has to please soooooo many people! The parents, for one thing. The students. The teachers. His higher-ups--all those weird middle-management types (what do they do all day, anyway?). The superintendent, and all his little minions, of course. How can you be really effective when you're serving so many "clients"? Yes, that's the new term in education. We call the kids, et al, "clients." The more we understand, the more we don't understand anymore.

For those of you who know us, a couple of clarifications/requests. First of all, Principal Man is brand spanking new this year to Our Humble High School. He replaced the much-beloved, fantabulous Dr. D., who was with us for 11 years. A shout-out to the Good Doctor--We miss you, absolutely! Dr. D. would never have handled recent events in such an awkward, selfish way. He's the one who had to suffer through nine (count 'em) tragedies in one school year--one of our alums was the 1,000th soldier to die in Iraq; we had three traffic fatalities; two murders of alums at parties near the school (and we're located in a good neighborhood!), and we can't remember the other three (shell-shocked, we're sure). And, Dr. D. was one of those who helped bury our beloved Leslie, who lost her life at Virginia Tech last year. May God bless the Good Doctor.

And now for the request: A lot of former students and current friends have been leaving comments. Please try to avoid any direct references to where we work, live, etc. We are deathly afraid that Principal Man and others who do not have Our Best Interests in mind will discover this subterfuge and screw us out of our retirement. Thanks! You're the best!

A note about the tunage that's embedded in the titles--we call them "hedlines"--of every post. Click on the hedline; a popup from will offer you a chance to play the tune; click on "play," and the tunage will start right up. Then, to listen and read at the same time, you need to hit the "back" arrow to navigate back to the Scribe's rantings. Close when you are done listening. And, don't forget: Enjoy!

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burningsteady said...

I eagerly await MCC. I know it's bound to happen!


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