Sunday, April 27, 2008

Here's the Scoop

Your Intrepid Scholastic Scribe has Done It Again! Or, at least quasi-done it this time. Scoop the National Media, that is. OK, we haven't exactly posted scintillating verbiage about Facebook Bullies, but we have noticed the trend toward Electronic Socialization Among Our Youth during a series of postings this past month. Tons of kiddos, it seems, would much rather IM/text/Facebook/MySpace than talk any day (although they do a fare amount of jibber-jabbering, too). We've noticed more and more Students Without Social Skills--and these SWSS threaten the very fabric of communication in our great nation!

Enough with the McCarthy-esque cliches, already (BTW--he was fairly unattractive, wasn't he?)! Seriously, folks, This Threat starts at a younger and younger age these days. Take Our Family, for example. When our Own Personal Cherubs were in middle school, we noticed a tendency for them to "go underground"--aka, to our basement, where the computer is located--to tap, tappity, tap on that annoying IM to their friends. One BFF--let's call her Jen, 'cause that's her name--lives about 100 yards from said basement computer. Our Cherub would spend hours (are ya jokin' me?) IM-ing this particular BFF, when she could have made the walk to Jen's crib in Under 5.

Three years ago, When the World Was Very Young and MySpace wasn't saturated with Dirty Old Men--the Journalistas at OHHS started a class MySpace group. Things quickly went downhill from there. So much so that the Intrepid Adviser felt called upon to conjure her own MySpace account to monitor who was saying what about whom. No, We Weren't Stalkers, although we were surprised how many Cherubs agreed to "friend" us, all the while not really knowing who we really were (OK, we confess--we didn't use our Given Name for the account).

That got All Too Creepy Really Quickly, so we closed our MySpace account post-haste, and vowed to stick to old-fashioned observation of the Teenage Electronic Communication Phenomenon. TECP continues to be all-too-common in both Our Classroom and Our Own Personal Living Space. Why Talk, after all, when you can Text? Think About It. It won't be long before Facebook Groups Rule the Proverbial World.

Lest we be labeled Supreme Hypocrites, we hasten to point out that The Scholastic Scribe appears to be caught up in this phenomenon as well. In the month that we've been blogging, our recreational reading time (as in books we consume for pleasure) has shown a steady downward trend. Granted, we've also met some new friends, but no telling who all is monitoring this post from the Blogosphere Out There. If you're reading, though, please leave a comment, if only to say "Hi!" Or, Prove Us Wrong by writing about Something That Really Matters. Beware of Big Brother--that's all we wanna say!

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