Monday, April 14, 2008

He is so hot!

Notes from the classroom--intercepted from two 14-year-olds who would rather pay attention to each other than to their Esteemed Professora. Edited, of course, for Our Kind Readers' Sensibilities:

"You know Mrs. D? Her breath smells like a foot.
Jason thinks Sarah Jessica Parker looks like a trout.
That doesn't even make sense! Half of this is s---
really is not funny. Its just stuff I have to edit.
Don't you break my camera, man!"

These two Cherubs went to a concert downtown last week. On a School Nite, no less! On the other side of the note, intercepted mid-class by your Intrepid Scholastic Scribe, are Sophomoric Sonnets [although written/drawn by mere 14-year-old Female Froshies) to band members named Alex and Jack. We were studying Editorial Writing. These Sweet Young Thangs were practicing their First Amendment Right to Free Expression, we guess. Sigh! Are we too old for this? We think not! BTW, the band's name is All Time Low, and they're local. American Punk Pop, apparently. They, and their fans, Keep Us Young. Nice tighty-whiteys, boyz.

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