Monday, April 21, 2008

Happy, Happy Meals

Ray Kroc would be downright proud. When our Own Personal Cherubs were very, very young, they were Hooked on Happy Meals. Both girls loved the French fries, ate a couple bites of hamburger, drank all the Coke, and went for the Toyz. Over the course of their younger years, we collected quite a few of these little Plastic Pieces O' Fun, featuring Ariel, Ronald McDonald, 101 Dalmations (no, not all 101--we acquired 6 of them), Belle & the Beast, any Random Characters from Whatever Disney Wanted to Promote That Week.

Switch gears, and careers. We landed in Our Humble High School, with a large bank of windows and lengthy expanse of windowsill. What to do? Happy Meal Toyz to the rescue! At first, our sunlit, makeshift exhibit space looked pretty empty. But soon, our Classroom Cherubs started to bring in their own McDonald's acquisitions to keep ours company on said windowsill. We had a regular Happy Meal Fiesta goin' on!

We experienced several Happy Meal Phases. The Teeny Beanie Babies phase; the Frightful Furbie Phase. Then, McDonald's got creative--is than an oxymoron?--when it decided in '01 that it would feature a Giant Inspector Gadget in its Happy Meals, with a catch. The kids had to collect the Good Inspector One Piece at a Time. And, darn it all, it took our students weeks to find that left leg. For a while, our Gadget had two right legs, until an Intrepid Senior Girl scored a leftie at the local Mickey D's.

These days, we host 100-200 critters, who brighten up our sometimes Tedious Teacher Lives and are quite a conversation-starter. Over the years, many of our HMTs have succombed to the elements--hey, it's darn difficult to hang out on a windowsill in the sun all day long! We figure, between the HMTs and the Beatles posters, not to mention the Shrunken Head (see previous post) and other paraphernalia, we keep things lively. Ray Kroc, move over--Martha Stewart needs to see our digs.


Amy said...

I absolutely still have my Tiny Toons toy from your collection. It's on a shelf o' stuff in my room at my parents' house. Can't get rid of something like that.

Melissa B. said...

Ames: Still have The Very Hungry Caterpillar with Your Name On It. Please come claim pronto! BTW, which Tiny Toonz Toy did you acquire, and under what circumstances? We could possibly remember, in our advanced state of aging and whatever. We're sure you were awarded for a Job Well Done!

Amy said...

It's the Gogo Dodo car that you can flip him for two different versions of the car. I think it came into my possession after you awarded toys for Job Well Done. Plus, I think you might have been tired of me taking it from your desk, haha.

Next time I am in your fair suburb, I shall come see the caterpillar.


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