Monday, October 13, 2014

A walk down Memory Lane

Prompt: My First Home

Since I've always believed home is a state of mind, not necessarily a brick-and-mortar location, I'm writing today about my home-away-from-home, and one of my most precious OBX memories.

Our first OBX outing - circa 1994 - as an extended family. The young man on the left is a dad now, with two of his own - a little girl and a toddler who's been featured in this space before. The towhead in the middle travels the world. Always the sure, outgoing middle son, he sells candy to multi-national corporations - which suits his sweet personality. The brother on the right will be a father himself soon. And the handsome fella buried in the sand is my always fun and indulging BIL.
The two little girls? Mine, of course. Ella Numera Una, wearing what we called my Cayman Cap - purchased in the islands after I lost my Baylor Bears chapeau during a catamaran cruise. Una is a lawyer now; she still possesses the sunny demeanor, but can be tough as nails in court. Her father's favorite thing to do on a visit is to watch his eldest in action. After observing the little girl who used to cry when a friend didn't get selected on a PE team, I marveled at how time changes us, but still we remain stubbornly the same.
Ella Numera Dos - she of the rainbow bucket hat and off-the-shoulder swimsuit - is in her last year of grad school. The child who was quiet, but spent her whole life observing, wants to be a journalista like her folks, Mrs. Scribe and Mr. Fairway. Dos is a reporter of the visual variety, specializing in photo- and video-journalism. She spent last spring alternating between a project on DC food trucks and a State Department visual history gig. We have no doubt she'll face the world on her terms, camera in hand.
I started this blog in the Spring of 2008, for the most part, to chronicle the comings and goings of La Familia Scribe and my extended family in Room 215. Not sure there's a book in it, but there sure are a lot of memories.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Show your stripes

I took Friday off, making this a 4-day weekend for me. Dropped by school yesterday to pick up some papers to grade, but all the security gates were down in preparation for Saturday night Homecoming festivities.
With my green pen retired for the foreseeable future, I considered my options. Dinner with friends, Mr. Fairway's plans to try a new chicken chili recipe, and the Green Bay Packers game on Sunday. While we never have the Packer Parties for which my Wisconsin in-laws are famous, The Mister and I do a pretty good job cheering on the Pack.
I've got one more day off before my return to Room 215. History shows us that Christopher Columbus was a slave-trader who should hardly be celebrated. But I'll take the extra day. Maybe I'll do something tomorrow to atone for his sins.


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